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CSG Bytecode Package

This is a package for reading and writing Java .class files, such as for building a compiler or disassembler. It includes a disassembler as well. The license is BSD/Apache 2.0.

There are many bytecode packages available these days, including BCEL from Apache, ASM, GNU Bytecode, and many others. What CSG Bytecode offers is performance and convenience.

Regarding performance, CSG Bytecode has been engineered to create as few objects as possible. The constant pool implementation absolutely rocks, although a lot of credit for that is due to Per Bothner and his GNU bytecode package which I re-implemented. Extensive use of linked-lists is used internally, although its built-in and doesn't rely on java.util.Collections at all. When generating bytecode all instructions are simply integer constants and are appended to a byte buffer, rather than using an object instance for each instruction (like BCEL).

Regarding convenience, I worked hard to experiment with different API formats that would yield readable source code. I've worked with most of the other bytecode libraries and also experimented with several formats of my own, and I believe after writing several thousand lines of code using this one that its pretty darn good.

View the Javadocs online here.


File Description Size Binary. Includes jarfiles and javadocs. 469KB Source bundle. 269KB
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